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Dobro došli! U gornjem desnom uglu, klikom na ikonicu "mesec" ili zatim "sunce" možete, prema vlastitom afinitetu, odabrati svetlu ili tamnu (dark) temu Foruma.

Bathory!!!! xD

Van mreže kettle

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Father to son

PageDedicated to the Children of the North Star

Father to Son
From father to Son

Now born my son I name thee
After the sound of my Hammer's
Beat upon the anvil
On this chilly springtime day

The Hammerchild of my flesh
Of my blood to carry on
When I have reached Oden's end
Of my glorious warrior's trail

Call upon the spirits of our fathers
Long time gone with thunder
Ask them for truth and courage
When trouble is in your way

Learn to read and understand
The signs to few can clearly vision
Listen carefully to what
The Ravens has to say

Oh, hear the Thunder's roar

Greetings from our fathers long time gone
Tell so that no one ever will forget
What is in heart goes from Father to Son

Oh, watch the lightning strike
Feel the powers of the Hammer's pounding on
Take it to your heart and understand
What must live on from Father to Son

Promise me my son to always
Cherish what is home to you
What is the truth and to
Defend all of your race

Never lose the values
I have taught to you
Always keep your moral and ideals
Do never bring your flag disgrace

Promise me my son before my corps
Is turning pale to
Grab my sword hold it to the sky
And call out my hail

Listen for the bronze horns
Watch the lightning strike then
You know I have reached Oden's end
Of my warrior's trail

Oh, my child please take heed
Through you I am granted to live on
These words more worth than
you will ever know
Make them live on from Father to Son

Blood on ice

The old crows cry the first warning
The rumbling frozen ground the last
Hooves thundering on the three feet snow
The icy dawn yet to begin

"Bursting through the icy morning
four times five black shadows ahorse.
Seel glimmering in the awakening sun`s light.
And blood colours the white snow red.
Cries echoes through the dark deep woods.
Open wounds steam in the cold morning air.
And the new day was greeted with a burden
both raped and dead."

Long golden scalps hung
by the old twin headed beasts standard black
Women and children brought
far north into the land of no turning back
The burning village speared
by the wind across the tundra
Cry old Crow cry

Long tall beautifull people fallen
lifeless to the ground
Headless scattered still graceful bodies
Blood coloured the white snow all around
Through the dark deep wooods
to the mountains towering to the sky
The wind carries the quest for revenge
and the tale of Blood on Ice

Kill Kill Kill

Industrialised abortions
The organs lined up on the shelves
Coloured pills guaranteed to keep you at peace
With your pitful fucking selves

So full of nothing behind the closed doors
Of your very own misery
You're getting your share of weird fucking pleasure
Watching humiliation TV

You're all fucking nothing but bricks on a board
Pawns in a game moved and owned by faceless high lords
Useful a cog in the moneymachine
Disposable sellable obedient slaves to extort industry

That's why you Kill
Why you want to Kill
Why you should Kill
And so you Kill

Beauty pagants for the five year old
Pay-per-view Christ for your souls
The lottery of mammon will provide for you
When you are back broken useless and old

But once you are dead and they've shoved
You into the forgiving flames
They'll refer to you only by a social security number
And not your name

Life is no welfare circus you're all
born to work and to give
Do not even dare to believe in an
alternative way which to live
So shut up and swallow the pain that
keeps eating you up from inside
And continue to timely pay your fucking
taxes until you all fucking dies

That's why you Kill
Why you want to Kill
Why you should Kill
And so you Kill

sivacki DRUM forum

Bathory!!!! xD
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